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The story of Cobbett’s Pond Pizzeria is a story of family, hard work, and commitment with a little “secret sauce” added. In 1991, when our father John Souliotis bought the shop, it became our new home away from home. Dad came in early to open the shop and stayed late to close it. Our mom, Debby, helped when she could and often took us to the shop while she worked. Dad’s brother Jimmy, shared in the work and brother-in-law John, used to come over from his own shop in Salem to pitch in. From the beginning Dad’s commitment to his customers and the quality of the food he served brought people back again and again. He would keep the shop open for a group of sport coaches, giving them a place to meet after the games. He would expand the menu as customers had special requests, and was always seeking ways to make the shop into a more pleasant restaurant for customers to enjoy.

Cobbetts Pond Pizzeria Today, if you come in you will probably see one, or both of us, Taso and Angelo. As I said, we grew up in the shop and thanks to Dad we truly understand what makes a customer a regular. First and foremost, the food. We watched Dad carefully inspect deliveries from all of our vendors and return anything that wasn’t up to our standards. We are continuing to follow this tradition, serving only the best we can find. We make our pizzas and subs to order to meet the individual tastes of our customers. 

One constant over the last 20 years is the “secret sauce”. Customers say it is the best sauce around. One customer had given up pizza because it upset his digestive system, until his son shared a piece of Cobbett’s Pond Pizza. We had a customer for life. He could eat pizza again. For a long time the recipe was taped to the wall above the mixer on a scrap of paper, written in Greek. No longer there, but it is well committed to memory. There are many other small touches that make our pizza special, such as the crust recipe and our blend of cheeses. 

Come back just a few times and we will get to know you and know what you like. It is our pleasure to serve you.
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